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Applications for Bespoke fitted furniture

I like to cook & I like the way that kitchens work as you cook.

As well as storing and preparing food in the kitchen, we often use them to socialise and eat in. It's important therefore that the layout of a kitchen works to help these functions meld seemlessly, allowing all these activities to occur simultaneously and smoothly.

In the kitchen above we made use of a lovely sunny space for a breakfast bar designed around the shape of a double bass along with the shape of the bridge of the instrument as the leg. And because it allowed people to sit and eat in the kitchen, as well as simply preparing food, it changed the way the kitchen functioned, drawing the house together.

Whilst I don't fully refurbish kitchens i do like to make innovative additions and you may be surprised how differently your kitchen flows afterwards.

Click here for the Cupboards page.
or see how the bespoke furniture making process works here. Contact me to discuss your project.

"I wasn't sure bespoke design would make that much difference. I was wrong: it makes all the difference. My home is so much better for Ken's input"... from Jayne in Sketty, refering to the work in her kitchen, illustrated above.

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